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Gun Dog Puppy Training

Start your Gun Dog Puppy with us at our fabulous Gun Dog Puppy School at 12 Weeks of Age!!

Puppy classes now enrolling ...

Group training classes:

Novice Gun Dogs Saturday 12pm
Advanced Gun Dogs Sunday 2.30pm
Initial assessment required please call to book.

At Lancashire Gun Dog Training Kipperridge: we recommend starting your puppy at our Dog Training School ; K92000 Dog Training & Agility Centres we are based in the Liverpool Merseyside area. Please check out our sister website;

K92000 Dog Training Liverpool is located in a rural part of the Merseyside area in between Liverpool & Manchester being only 5 miles from the M57 & M58 motorway network.

Puppy classes at K92000 Liverpool are taught by Adrian & Caroline Slater both are professional Gun Dog trainers. The classes take place midweek and weekends.

Kipperridge Puppy classes with Adrian & Caroline Slater are held at the school and are the best way to teach your Gun Dog puppy 'focus' around many forms of distractions from the early stages in his life.

Our classes will also quickly build your puppy's social skills around other dogs and teach your puppy to be content, secure & balanced around people & other canines.

At Lancashire Gun Dog training puppy classes (near Liverpool),we have a fantastic super large venue indoors with a soft sand surface all floodlit for winter nights and an array of small jumps and obstacles set up for you to use at your leisure. This is an important part in your puppy's development as a Gun Dog, teaching your Gun Dog co-ordination, balance and confidence from the early stage in his life.

"Older dogs tend to become more fearful of new obstacles, so we believe in teaching our puppy's early to negotiate them." This is important, for the Gun Dog breed in particular, as in the future they will have to negotiate an array of different fences, ditches and many different forms of obstacles.

We have found agility is the best way to build that confidence early, ensuring your dog has a healthy attitude to jumping & negotiating difficult situations.

Our classes are the best way to start your Gun Dog off.

With years of experience Adrian & Caroline have the most experienced approach as they use the methods themselves when starting their own Gun Dogs off. "It is simply the best method of moulding your puppy from the outset" all our puppy's are trained this way"

"Dogs learn very quickly and the puppy stage is the most important stage"
"We start all of our own puppies off from 9 weeks old we are teaching the recall, the retrieve from this age.
"All our methods are kind and gentle using only positive reinforcement and food reward throughout the puppies learning programme"

Once your puppy has learnt all the exercises and is competent and confident and showing correct understanding you will be moved into our novice Gun Dog classes or to the option of our private lessons where the food reward is no longer used unless really needed.

Please book your Gun Dog puppy course by visiting our sister website:- or give us a call on 07940140856.

Adrian Slater Gun Dog Puppy Training

Adrian Slater Gun Dog Puppy Training

Adrian Slater Gun Dog Puppy Training

Adrian Slater Gun Dog Puppy Training

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